The Project

Archidict is a KA2 Strategic partnership project in the VET field, lasting from 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2020.

The partnership is composed of the coordinator EK Egyesulet (Hungary), Associazione Euphoria (Italy), Best cybernetics (Greece), Creative learning programmes (UK), Instituto Europeo de Lenguas Modernas (Spain), Stroyexpert SEK (Bulgaria), Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (Portugal) and Slaska Wojewodzka Kpmenda Ochotniczych Hufcow Pracy (Poland) (for more information on our project partners visit the section à The partnership).


The main project output will be a digital architectural dictionary called “ARCHIDICT”, which is going to be:

-DIGITAL - a web application connected to an online databases and accessible on all means of platforms from PCs to smartphones;

-ILLUSTRATIVE - there will be plenty of illustrations to support users understanding the technical terms;

-MULTILINGUAL – Archidict will be available in Bulgarian, English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish;

-EDUCATIONAL – Archidict will have tests and quizzes to let users self-evaluating their knowledge and competencies.

We can proudly say that Archidict is a unique and innovative product as many architectural dictionaries exist, but any has all these features taken all together. For more information on this point, check our article “Why do we need Archidict?”

Who are the main target groups of Archidict?

Basically, all the people having interest in the architecture and construction sectors and that need to learn technical terms in his/her own languages or other languages.

This means that Archidict will be a great tool to support not only the professional development of architects, but also their possibility to move abroad and work in international team.

The learning path will provide also students, or anyone willing to test his/her own competencies, with a tool to self-evaluate his/her knowledge.