The Partnership

The partnership is composed of 8 partners, from 8 different EU countries.

The coordinator EK Egyesulet (Hungary) is…[1]

Associazione Euphoria (Italy) is an Italian non-profit organization aimed at promoting and giving visibility to European issues, encouraging debate, raising awareness and changing attitudes via dissemination activities, communication and information campaigns, well-established local and European networks and decentralized cooperation activities.

The organization was founded by three women who wanted to share their experience gained whilst working for and in the European Commission in political affairs, communication, project design, project management and financial management. All the members of the Association have an international background deriving from more than 20 years of experience in working, learning and teaching in multicultural environments.

The areas of intervention of Euphoria are mainly developed around three areas:

1) information, communication and organization of events,

2) training and further adult education (non-formal and informal) and

3) networks and projects.

The association organizes different events especially in the field of education, training and EU citizenship. In collaboration with other associations, trade unions and universities Euphoria has developed tailor made courses for teachers, headmasters and schools’ administrative staff on EU projects and European educational affairs reaching more than 2000 school staff participants from Italy and all over Europe. Euphoria is willing to share its training experience and exchange its best practice by participating in European projects.

Our headquarter is in Rome, but we travel all over Italy to deliver our training courses and to Europe to implement EU projects.

Best cybernetics (Greece[2] ),

BEST CYBERNETICS was founded in 2009 as a private owned software, consulting and training company. With headquarters in Patra, Best Cybernetics has developed business activities covering the whole Greece and has developed a significant partner network and a large customer base by investing in long-term relationships of trust and reliability. The Company develops programmes for the use and application of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in the Education, Training and Business sectors. Best Cybernetics aims to answer three fundamental needs of educational institutions and businesses:

ü Development of technical skills enabling them to compete in the knowledge-based economy.

ü Facilitate the transition from University and/or Vocational education to the industry.

ü Promoting partnerships between Vocational education schools and businesses.

The company specialises in developing ICT solutions for training programmes, high quality e-learning content for Web Based Trainings (WBT), Computer Based Trainings (CBT), multimedia productions and Internet Marketing. The BEST team customise e-platforms, organize e-courses, design and develop course assets and contents, produce multimedia contents, define learning strategies and promote virtual communities of practice. It also focuses on the use and development of virtual environments for education and training, including mobile technology.

Creative learning programmes , Creative Learning Programmes Ltd. (CLP) is an educational company, based in Edinburgh, active in a wide range of European programmes which contribute to the professional development and lifelong learning of people of all ages.

CLP works with European projects that aim to promote mobility for the unemployed, for young workers, and for trainers and educators. These mobility actions provide opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness in a different European country.

We also work to improve provision for learners and share innovative practices through the development of transnational partnerships and European projects, reinforcing those skills that upgrade professional qualifications.

The training courses we provide are dedicated to teachers and trainers who want to develop professional skills with interactive and inspiring workshops in a friendly atmosphere. They are focused on the improvement of skills and competencies like classroom management, multiculturalism and stress or conflict management.

Our team can provide quality consulting and organisational services on training modules and courses in formal and non-formal education and we can prepare the training material for projects.

CLP is actively promoting the Erasmus+ programme which provides grants for activities in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. It offers opportunities for:

individuals to spend a mobility or volunteering period abroad and to receive linguistic training,

organisations to collaborate in project partnerships in the fields of academic and vocational training, schools, adult learning and European sport events.

CLP specialises in the actions under KA2 that make it possible for organisations from different participating countries to work together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth.


Instituto Europeo de Lenguas Modernas (Spain[3] ), is an institute aimed at offering services within the fields of vocational training, internship placements, language competences and cultural and extra-curricula activities. IELM is officially approved by Ministry of Employment of Regional Government of Andalusia (South of Spain). It has large and well-equipped classes, multimedia class with Wi-Fi and equipment ready for audio-visual lectures.
IELM is a modern training centre, specialised in various language-training courses. The tutors of this institute are native speakers, always working in small groups, making optimal use of audio-visual material and modern texts adapted to corporate situations and work environments. The organisation offers training to professionals and employees from SMEs in various sectors. The teaching method is based on three important pillars: Conversation, Grammar and Vocabulary.
Instituto Europeo de Lenguas Modernas provides support training of students’ career subjects and organises a wide variety of specialised courses for adult learners in different domains: administration, management; banking, financing; business, commerce; entrepreneurship; publishing, printing; tourism, hotel and catering; geography; mathematics, physics; information technology, computers, software and multimedia.
We have a long track of experience in different Erasmus+ Programmes, Key Action 1 (KA1) and Key Action 2 (KA2), especially in Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter (KA1) as intermediary and receiving organisation. We have modern and comfortable premises at our headquarters in Granada.

Stroyexpert SEK (Bulgaria[4] ),

Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (Portugal) a[5] nd

Slaska Wojewodzka Komenda Ochotniczych Hufcow Pracy (Poland) it is one of the sixteen provincial VLC organizations. The Voluntary Labour Corps (Polish - Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy, OHP) is a state-run organisational unit working to prevent the social exclusion of young people. In line with the current Act on Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions, the Voluntary Labour Corps is a labour market institution supervised by the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy that performs state tasks directed towards teenagers over 15 years of age, and the unemployed under 25 years of age, that include employment services, counteract social marginalization and social exclusion, as well as tasks related to education and upbringing.

Its activities take their inspiration from the legacy of the Youth Labour Brigades established by decree of the President of the Republic of Poland of 22 September 1936. During its long history, this organisation worked relentlessly for young generations of Poles who needed state support to start an independent life and meet the challenges of the modern labour market.

To reflect the changing social situation, the OHP continues to transform the format of its activities and organisational structure, enhancing its methods of youth training and education and labour market services. As a result, the OHP demonstrates a potential which makes it capable of undertaking new challenges in active social policy and its aspects relevant to young people. The OHP structures consists 721 organisational units and branches operating throughout Poland.

Depending on the type of activities delivered, these include:

→ 217 shelter and educational units, where young people can supplement their general and vocational education;

→ a network of 504 bodies implementing labour market initiatives, where young people may benefit from vocational counselling and guidance, job matching services, and vocational training and information.

All of these facilities are open institutions which implement the agenda for the local community in cooperation with local self-government authorities, employers, associations, and foundations operating in a given area.

The beneficiaries of the activities delivered by the Voluntary Labour Corps include:

• young people (aged 15 to 17 years) from troubled, dysfunctional, unemployed, and poverty-stricken families who fail to continue compulsory schooling and are not in education, struggle to complete school, and need to acquire vocational qualifications;

• individuals aged 18-25, including jobseekers or those who wish to be retrained or are unemployed; school graduates, and students.

To address the needs of young people over 15 years of age who are not in learning and have no lower-secondary school education, the Voluntary Labour Corps has teamed up with local self-governments and employers to deliver educational initiatives in non-standard legal formats that enable young people to complete practical, on-the-job training.

Professional activation and counteracting unemployment:

Being a labour market institution, the Voluntary Labour Corps implements tasks directly related to professional activation, counteracting unemployment and the social marginalisation of youth. Its initiatives include job matching, vocational counselling and information services, workshops promoting active job search, organisation of training seminars, and labour market programmes.

In addition to the above audience in need of special support, beneficiaries of the OHP activities include youth seeking employment, students and school graduates.

How do we work together?

Archidict partnership is composed of a technical team and an educational team.

The technical team is composed of the coordinator and the Greek and Bulgarian partners. They are in charge of selecting the terms and preparing the illustrations for the dictionary, as well as developing the website and the platform that will host Archidict.

All the other partners are part of the educational team. They are in charge of preparing the tests for each subchapter of the dictionary.

Of course there are many interactions and collaborations among the two team: for example, Euphoria will also contribute in creating some illustrations, while the Portuguese partner is a bridge between the technical and educational team being responsible for the technical development of the learning path.

Moreover all the partners are in charge of translating the materials and recording the audios in all the foreseen languages.