Educational Handbook
The Educational Handbook of ARCHIDICT serves as a manual for educational institutions, language and content teachers, on how to use the Dictionary and the Quizzes as part of different frameworks including CLIL classes. For the use of trainers and teachers there are 3 types of lesson plans available in the handbook as examples for organising classes around the ARCHIDICT Dictionary as an educational tool.
Learners and professionals can also use this book as a guide to learn how to properly handle the dictionary in the most effective way. The book accurately describes the ways of navigation by using either the accordion menu system that organises the illustrative pages of the dictionary into chapters and subchapters or the Search function that can help to find the meaning of the desired term within this chapter structure. Besides this the interactive functions of the digital pages are also thoroughly explained with the help of illustrative images.
Download the pdf version from the following link: Download PDF
Guide For Extending The Dictionary
ARCHIDICT is to be updated and extended continuously in the future based on the amount of feedback and inputs that arrive from the users and the members of the expanding ARCHIDICT Partnership. This guide helps all those who can contribute to the further extensions and updates of the material, by giving proper and clear understanding about how to make the changes on the dictionary, starting from adding new translations to the creation of new interactive images. The actions available for local and super administrators are described with the help of illustrative images, helping to easily understand the functions and the smooth workflow of those further contributors who can add new languages or pages - including new drawings and new terms - to the dictionary.
Download the pdf version from the following link: Download PDF
Print-form Dictionary
The digital architectural dictionary’s illustrations are joined together into a paper-form publication, keeping the same chapter structure as of the online version, but naturally without the interactive features which cannot work without the online database environment.
Editors of the dictionary organized the pages in a way that can work the best on the most commonly used screen sizes, while keeping in mind that the easiest way to print out the dictionary for personal use is the simplest A4 format.
Download the pdf version from here and use it on your computer or mobile even if you are offline or print the required pages for your daily work or your language learning: Download PDF